Domestic CCTV Surveys / Inspections

Camera Surveying of drains may be required for many reasons. Whether you’re buying a new house and your Bank or Engineer has recommended a CCTV survey, you have recurrent blockages (i.e. more than 1 per year), problem odours, fault diagnosis, pipe repairs or relining, Lehane Environmental can address your problems.

Lehane Environmental operates a number of survey vehicles which have modern CCTV Equipment to enable surveying of pipes with diameters from 40mm to Large Culverts. Our Survey Equipment offers Pan & Tilt Options which provide excellent examination of laterals and faults.



Our Surveys include full detailed written reports confirming the nature of any problems encountered, the location of same and the severity together with Photographs and Digital Video Recordings provided on CD/DVD. So if your drains do need repairs or relining, you will be given a report which will specify the exact location of the problem which will avoid the need to dig up your entire garden/driveway and just the specific problem area.