Emergency Spill Response 24/7

Lehane Environmental provides a 24 Hour Emergency Spillage Response Service to all sectors of Irish Industry. We maintain a range of specialist equipment which can be on route to the relevant site at short notice. Our operators are highly proficient in the use and deployment of booms, pads, skimmers etc.

Lehane Environmental is your essential partner for your emergency response requirements providing you with the 5 Essentials from one specialist source:

  1. Speedy Response
  2. Containment
  3. Recovery
  4. Remediation
  5. Disposal

Lehane Environment’s expertise extends to the cleanup of all types of spillages including Acids, Alkalis, Oils, Mercury, PCBs etc. If you have a requirement to provide an effective spillage response service for your site, then you should be talking to our Company. Serious, Effective, Controlled Response to all incidents.

Lehane Environmental are accredited by the UKSpill Contractors Accreditation Scheme to the standards supported by the Environment Agency for England and Wales, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency.

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Contact our office at 021 435 1020 or 1850 730 730 to mobilise an Emergency Response Team to respond to your spill NOW.