Mobile Physio Chemical Treatment Units

This highly specialist unit which was developed by Lehane Environmental in conjunction with overseas partners can handle a wide variety of applications from Oil/Water separation, neutralisation of acids/bases and other dosing treatments. The unit is specifically suited to the petrochemical industry for handling oil spillages, groundwater remediation, tank cleaning, interceptor cleaning etc.

On one particular site, it processed 35,000kgs of Interceptor Waste. Normally the works would require two articulated tankers to complete. With the use of our Mobile Physio-chemical Treatment plant, we were able to process the waste on-site and only 2.42 tons required disposal off-site.

This unit takes the oily water element of the interceptor/tank etc and processes it using its unique patented system. The unit is fully computer controlled. On-line monitoring equipment verifies the cleanliness of the water and the unit shuts down if the oil content is higher than permitted. An automated report is printed on-site for the Client stating the site details, volume processed, pH and oil content in the water. When the water is de-oiled, the cleansed water is pumped into our storage tanks or discharged under consent.


The Unit also has a combination suction/jetting unit for the removal of settled sludge etc. The Sludge/Oily Waste is transported in our permitted waste vehicle to an EPA Licensed Hydrocarbon Treatment Facility under C1 Documentation. A Certificate of Disposal is issued on completion of the disposal operation.

Our mobile unit is ideal for large capacity interceptors and for incidents such as oil spills. The benefits are high both in financial and environmental;

  • Immediate reduction in Hazardous Waste Volumes Removed From Site (AER – EMS – Continuous Improvements)
  • Reduced Co2 Emissions from Transport Operation
  • Reduced Financial Cost due to lower waste volumes to be transported.
  • Saving of Water Resources as Interceptor can be refilled using the cleansed water instead of using mains water.
  • Improved operating efficiencies as Interceptors can be de-oiled and desludged completely on a more regular basis due to the cost savings.
  • Continuous Oil/Water Separation can be carried out on-site under the approval of Local Authorities enabling large volumes to be processed quickly.