Uplifting & Handling of Dry Materials

Vaccuum Excavation of dry material

Vacuum excavation technology is unique not only because of its ability to provide low impact, non invasive excavation, but also because of its ability to perform tasks in an environmentally friendly manner. A small opening is made in the ground through which excavation takes place.

This method of vacuumation is used for the uplifting and handling of dry materials including carbons, cement, sands, gravel, perlite, grain and many more dry dusty materials. The dry materials can be recovered from almost any situation including carbon filter vessels, hoppers, pits, silos, tanks, tankers or loose on the ground.

Even in heavy soils where pipes and cables are known to be buried, our specialist equipment is significantly more productive than manual excavation methods.

  • Pneumatic (compressed air) Excavation
  • Hydro (water) Excavation
  • Utility Location and Clearance

Whilst safety is paramount, vacuum excavation also provides users with a host of further operational benefits. The vacuum excavation process can be finely controlled and the size of the excavation and the volume of material removed are therefore minimised.

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