Waste Collection Permits

Lehane Environmental holds a Multi Regional Waste Collection Permit for the entire 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland. This permit was issued by Cork County Council and was last reviewed in June 2015 – Ref NWCPO-08-04574-03 This permit is valid until June 2020. Lehane Environmental is permitted to collect and transport all wastes listed in the EWC Code listing.

On the 1st February 2012, Offaly County Council was designated as the single Nominated Authority for the processing of all new Waste Collection Permit (WCP) applications and review applications received on or after that date.  This single Nominated Authority is known as the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO) and is based in Tullamore.

In Northern Ireland, a Carrier is a person who transports controlled waste which that person has not produced themselves, to or from any place in Northern Ireland in the course of any business of his or otherwise with a view to profit. An establishment or undertaking which acts as a broker has control of waste in the sense that it arranges for the disposal or recovery on behalf of another and is outside the chain of people who already handle the waste (i.e. producer, holder, carrier, recovery operator, or disposal operator). Lehane Environmental is a registered Carrier / Broker approved by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. ROC No. UT 3496 which is valid until 26/09/2021.

If you want to transport controlled waste in England, Scotland and Wales as part of your business or with a view to profit, you need to register as a waste carrier. If you want to deal in waste or arrange for someone else’s waste to be disposed of or recovered, you need to register as a waste broker. Lehane Environmental is a registered Carrier / Broker with the Environment Agency, CBDU116411 which is valid until 09/08/2019.