Chemical Cleaning of LPHW, Chilled Water, Reactors, Boilers, etc

Whether its pre-commission cleaning or an existing system which has become inefficient, Lehane Environmental can provide for the effective cleaning of your system such as LPHW, Chilled Water, Reactors, Boilers etc. We are dedicated to providing technically advanced cleaning solutions in a safe, efficient, cost effective and professional manner. Lehane Environmental’s approach incorporates the evaluation of all facets of a project before arriving at the optimal solution:

Key Elements of this service include:

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Scale/Deposit Analysis
  • Solvent Compatibility Study
  • Metallurgy Compatibility Study
  • Corrosion Testing and Evaluation
  • Waste Profile
  • Cleaning Procedure Development
  • Engineering and Flow Dynamics
  • On-site Project Management and Solvent Analysis.

Our Toolbox has unlimited options. We combine a wide variety of Chemicals such as mineral acids, organic acids, oxidising agents, alkaline materials and proprietary blends. Each solvent system is coupled with the most effective cleaning method. These methods include fill and soak, high and low velocity circulation, vapour phase and spray techniques. We also provide inhibitors and treatment systems for ongoing corrosion and water quality management.