Contaminated Soils

Loading contaminated soil in ship

Contaminated soils are encountered on many sites as a result of uncontrolled discharges, spillages or historical activities. Contamination levels and contaminants vary and so different remedial options are available. Lehane Environmental can provide a Turnkey Solution for the management of your contaminated soil. This service includes Site Characterisation, Excavation, Transport and Disposal or Insitu Remediation.

Key Elements of this service includes:

  • Site Characterisation (Trial Pits, Bore Holes, Analytical Services)
  • Risk Assessment & Risk Management
  • Excavation, Stockpile Management
  • Transportation (Bulk Tippers, Ships)
  • Hazardous Waste Transfer Station for Small Quantities.
  • Bulk Export by Ship for large quantities
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Permitted Waste Collector
  • In-house Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser
  • ADR Licensed Drivers/Vehicles


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