UN Approved Packaging

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content-img-6Understanding UN Codes on Packaging

The UN Packaging symbol signifies that a package has been tested and has passed UN packaging performance tests. The remaining letters and numbers confirm the type of dangerous good/waste which can be contained in the package, the year of manufacture and the name of the manufacture, packging group and maximum gross weight of the package.


Selecting UN Packaging

This packaging is often referred to as “type-approved”, “UN Approved” or “UN certified” and is marked in a particular way, prefixed by the UN Packaging symbol and followed by alpha numeric codes.


UN Approved Packaging – Drums, IBCs, FIBCs

Due to the significant volume of UN Approved Packaging that our Company uses every year, we are able to offer our Client’s the benefits of our bulk purchasing power.
Our Warehouse in Little Island, Co. Cork holds large stocks of supplies including UN Approved Drums, IBCs, FIBCs, etc.


What is UN Packaging
In most cases, the transportation of Dangerous Goods (the main exemption being limited quantities) must be in packaging which is certified to UN standards. The international agreements for the carriage of dangerous goods require packaging to be of a design-type certified by a national competent authority.