Selecting UN Packaging

How do I select the correct UN Approved Packaging?

This packaging is often referred to as “type-approved”, “UN Approved” or “UN certified” and is marked in a particular way, prefixed by the UN Packaging symbol and followed by alpha numeric codes. It is not only important to select the correct UN approved packaging, but it is also important to use it as it was tested and carefully follow the closure information provided by the manufacturer.

Part of choosing the right UN Approved Packaging revolves around the following information:

  • The UN number or proper shipping name of the dangerous goods being shipped
  • The amount of dangerous goods being shipped
  • The physical dimensions and weight of the inner packaging that the substance will be shipped in

If you are unsure about what UN Approved Packaging should be used for your Dangerous Goods, please contact our office on 021 4351020 and speak with on of our in-house DGSAs who will be happy to advise.