Lehane Environmental is pleased to confirm that we are the first Irish Company to provide a solution to the Safe, Effective, Remote Removal of even the toughest build-ups and blockages from silos. Under certain conditions materials such as cement, gypsum, coal and variety of screenings and even grain will adhere to silo walls creating hangups and blockages. These blockages significantly reduce the efficiency of your system, delay in production and/or bulk dispatch and reducing storage capacity – often leading to unplanned shutdowns and in some cases can cause serious commercial loss of unrecoverable material and even fatal accidents.

Lehane Environmental’s specially developed Silowhip offers the perfect solution. Silowhip is the quick, safe, efficient and cost-effective solution to the removal of even the toughest build-ups of material without the need for dangerous, time consuming and expensive man-entry.

A specially developed pneumatic cleaning head is lowered into the vessel to be cleaned using a mechanical boom which can rotate 360 degrees. The boom has a length of 7.9m and can therefore clean a silo of 15.8m from a central position. The unit requires a vertical clearance of 1.5m and 0.8m horizontally from the centre of a 0.6m access point.