Irelands Largest Mobile Storage Tanks!

Lehane Environmental provides a range of on-site and off-site waste storage and treatment solutions.  Our 86,000ltr tanks are ideal for projects which require a large volume to be stored whilst minimizing the footprint.  These storage tanks store almost 3.5 times the quantity of a normal articulated storage tanker in the same footprint as a single storage tanker.

These impressive storage tanks can be mobilised on their own or as part of a larger mobilisation with additional 25-86m3 Storage Tanks for both influent and effluent.  We can also provide additional on-site treatment services such as pH adjustment and dewatering using flocculants.

·         Small footprint – Length 12.93m x Width 2.54m x Height 3.96m.  Weight 26,200kgs Unladen.

·         Lined interior for broader range of liquids – pH 5 to pH 13

·         Multiple connections for easy filling and emptying

·         Genuine 24 Hour, 7 Day Emergency Response Service to Registered Clients

·         Safe working environment, platform with safety railing and Folding Stairs Access

·         Level Indicator

·         Easy Cleaning Design – Top Access Manlids and Side Access Manlid Available.

·         Additional services include pumping, filtration, pH adjustment skids and hosing

·         Provision of waste tankering both on-site and off-site to facilitate works.

·         Permitted throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and UK for Haz & Non Haz Waste Collection.