Vacuumation – Vacuum Excavation

Please select from the list below for an overview of our Vacuumation Services:

Vacuumation – Vacuum Excavation

This method of vacuumation is used for the uplifting and handling of dry materials including carbons, cement, sands, gravel, perlite, grain and many more dry dusty materials. The dry materials can be recovered from almost any situation including carbon filter vessels, hoppers, pits, silos, tanks, tankers or loose on the ground.


Hopper, Silo & Bunker Cleaning

Lehane Environmental have both the qualified personnel and specialist equipment necessary to carry out a variety of silo cleaning, ash pit cleaning and hopper cleaning services. We remove blockages and restore your plant capabilities thus decreasing or completely removing the need for costly down time and reduced operations.


Vacuumation To Locate Underground Services

The vacuum loading capability of our units, when used in conjunction with compressed air or pressurised water to loosen the ground, enables us to “dig“ for buried utility cables, without the risk of striking same with conventional excavators.