Waste Routes

Lehane Environmental is not contracted to any individual Treatment / Recovery / Disposal Facility. Consequently, we are able to offer our Clients the most cost effective route at all times. If there are no domestic routes available, we can export the waste under TFS to specialist disposal facilities throughout Europe.

Some of the Domestic Facilities which Lehane Environmental use include:

  • Rilta Environmental
  • Enva Environmental, Shannon
  • Enva Environmental, Portlaoise
  • Enva Environmental, Cork
  • AVR-Safeway
  • Veolia Environmental
  • McGill Environmental
  • Irish Lamp Recycling
  • KMK Metal Recycling
  • Ashgrove Recycling
  • Cork Metal Company
  • Murphy Environmental
  • KTK Landfill
  • Greenstar Recycling
  • Thornton Waste
  •  Munster Proteins


If you wish to discuss adding your facility to our list of Approved Facilities, please contact our office. We will require copies of licenses, insurances, permits, AERs for 3 years and we will also need to carry out an audit of your facility. Cost control is critical for our Clients and should be factored into your pricing structure to enable us offer our Clients improved savings.