Lehane Environmental has launched a FREE App; an essential tool for all EHS Personnel.

The FREE App has several features which will assist EHS Personnel in their duties – completing WTFs, TFS, Internal & External Reports, AERs, etc

Follow link to download FREE APP


Features of the FREE App include:

Hazard ID Codes

  • Enter Haz. ID Code for description of code


EWC Codes

  • Search by code
  • Search by text
  • Search by Industry


ADR Classes & H-Codes

  • ADR Classes & H-Codes
  • ADR Placards – warning diamonds


Spill Response Procedure

  • Tips for dealing with a Spill


Disposal / Recovery Codes

  • Lists D and R Codes as per SI 126 of 2011 European Communities (Waste Directive) Regulations 2011



  • Useful Definitions – Waste, Consignor, EWC Codes, TFS Forms, etc.