The Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Mr. Phil Hogan T.D. has welcomed the publication by the Environmental Protection Agency of the National Waste Report for 2010.

“It is encouraging to see proof that, through the actions of the public and business, supported by those involved in waste management in the public and private sector, Ireland is delivering better environmental management of its waste,” said the Minister.

“There still remain significant challenges for Ireland in terms of compliance with the Landfill Directive ceilings for 2013 and 2016. I have already clearly signaled through the increases to the landfill levy I announced shortly after coming into office, that our over-reliance on landfill must come to an end and alternative, more sustainable ways of dealing with our waste must be delivered,” the Minister commented. He also said that he would shortly be publishing a new waste policy that would provide the policy certainty which is essential in order to support the further step change that Ireland now needs to make in the move to a more sustainable society, a vital requirement if the return to growth evident in the Irish economy is to endure over the longer term.