The Health & Safety Authority has advised that they will not be renewing the exemption relating to labsmalls being packed in combination packages that have not been tested in combination where the outer drum is not V Certified.  This exemption was in place in order to allow for the transition from the use of drums and jerricans (1H2, 1A2 and 3H2 permitted under the exemption) to the use of packaging that is tested and approved in accordance with ADR/IMDG

ADR/IMDG provides conditions for the assembly and carriage of articles or inner packagings, of any type for solids or liquids, without testing in an outer packaging (i.e. without testing in combination packaging). The outer packaging must be marked in accordance with 6.1.3 as having been tested to packing group I performance for combination packagings, and shall also bear a letter “V” as described in

Lehane Environmental is pleased to advise that we have developed a solution in conjunction with our Packaging Manufacturer and can now supply V Marked Drums.

The drums are tested to PGI performance and assigned the “V” marking conforming with ADR for carriage of labsmalls.

The drums are avaialable in 20ltr, 30ltr, 60ltr and 120ltr capacity.  They have the benefit of no shelf life as occurs with plastic drums.

Lehane Environmental is delighted to be one of the first companies in Ireland to offer this product.

For drum supplies or labsmall disposal, please contact our office at 021 4351020